Nature Inspired Paint Color Palettes

Color surrounds us in our homes. Decisions about color are inevitable in interior design as it is visible on our walls, furniture, floors, and other surfaces. Something as simple as changing the paint color of our walls, cabinets, or other surfaces can have a dramatic effect on the feel and mood of our home.

While decisions about color are not one size fits all, strategic use of color throughout our home can uplift our moods and enhance our well-being.

Soft-cool blues and greens found in nature are typically considered calming and restful. We instinctively think of sky, water, and plants.


Likewise, pastels and neutrals like whites, beige, and greys create tranquil and peaceful environments. Tonal nuances and textures in materials can further stimulate the senses by reflecting or absorbing light.

While there are no hard and fast rules, correctly choosing paint colors greatly depends upon the colors and undertones in existing fixed elements and furnishings in your home. Build your palette on what you are not changing in your home rather than blindly following a trend. Generally a few colors combined with a simple uncluttered design aesthetic using natural materials will evoke a sanctuary-like feel.

Given our current environment, it is not surprising that nature, wellness, and biophilia have influenced paint color palettes for 2021. For sure, now more than ever, we want our living spaces to be stress free and provide us with the perfect backdrop for our comfort and well-being. The Dutch word gezellig loosely describes such a place as inviting, cozy, and relaxing.

While we have a dazzling array of choices for color, we should also consider the ingredients in the paint. Non-toxic paints can have a positive effect on our physical health and are good for the earth. Many companies offer zero VOC paints (including the colorants) and are certified by third parties such as GreenGuard or Cradle to Cradle. A good starting point is to look at Safety Data Sheets (usually on website), look at the certifications, and ask questions about material content and durability and care. Explore and enjoy!

Disclaimer: This blog and those in the future represent my opinions expressed in general terms for educational purposes only, nothing more.