Katherine Kruis

Hi, my name is Katherine Kruis, the owner and founder of Bio Huis Studio. I am a Certified Architectural Color Consultant (CACC) and received my certificate in Healthier Materials and Sustainable Buildings from Parsons School of Design. Inspired by nature, the studio’s design philosophy is to help clients create a home environment that enhances their health and well-being.

Why the name Bio Huis? Bio means life or living things and Huis translated from Dutch means house and is a nod towards my husband’s heritage. Of course, we live in houses, but our houses do more than shelter us. They provide a safe environment which fosters our relationships and keeps us healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To be sure, during the COVID crisis and beyond, we realize now more than ever that our home is intricately tied to our health and well-being.

Le Corbusier once said, “The home should be the treasure chest of living.” Therefore, we should not be living with toxins or harmful chemicals in our houses. At Bio Huis Studio, we believe that selecting materials and furnishings for interior environments involves more than providing beauty. With the utmost attention to the needs of clients and style, we source the healthiest materials available. Whether it is paint, textiles, furnishings, floors or countertops, sometimes the small changes we make can have the most impact. Sustainability is also integral to our work. Accordingly, we strive to create timeless home environments with long-lasting materials and objects that can be enjoyed for generations. By taking a multidisciplinary approach, your home becomes a sanctuary – a treasure chest of living. Whether it is simply help with color choices or something more involved, we cherish the opportunity to crate a wellness-focused interior for you and your family.